Fox News Embarrassed As Hillary Clinton Call Out GOP Coup Defenders On Live TV

Fox News Embarrassed As Hillary Clinton Call Out GOP Coup Defenders On Live TV

Fox News viewers accidentally got a dose of the truth when the network carried Hillary Clinton live calling out the GOP for defending coup plotters.

Hillary Clinton addressed the New York Democratic Party, and Fox decided to carry it live.

Hillary Clinton: Republicans Are Defending Coup Plotters


“Republicans are defending coup plotters” — Hillary Clinton, during a speech Fox News is carrying live

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 17, 2022

Clinton said to the New York State Democratic Convention, “Republicans are defending coup plotters. They’re curbing voting rights at precisely the moment when democracy needs champions. We should be standing together against autocracies like Russia and China. January 6th last year was a gift to them because they know something that we need to remember. America is only as strong as our unity and democracy.”

Fox News probably didn’t expect to broadcast the message that the Republican Party is defending coup plotters to their audience that is regularly told that there was no coup and 1/6 was a peaceful protest.

Fox has gone all-in on the bogus conservative media twisting of the Durham investigation into Clinton spying on Donald Trump, so they probably thought they were going to get a juicy clip.

Instead, they got a dose of cold hard reality delivered to their audience that is not used to it.

Fox News should probably think twice before they expose their fragile audience to any more facts and reality.


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