Fox News Makes Excuses For Lara Logan

Fox News Makes Excuses For Lara Logan

On Fox News’ Media Buzz, host Howard Kurtz played dumb as to why Republicans are attacking Dr. Fauci, and at the same time covered up for Lara Logan’s heinous words about the good doctor.

This was some balancing act, but Howard Kurtz acted like a Barnum & Bailey’s main attraction.

While discussing the rise of the omicron variant, Kurtz asked Trump toadie Mollie Hemingway, “Why have conservative media made [Dr. Fauci] such a target?”

Really, Howard?

Kurtz managed to fold a softball question into a leading question that he knows the answer to.

Hemingway did her usual MAGA dance and claimed Dr. Fauci made himself the target of criticisms and at the same time attacked the media for never holding him accountable.

What has Fauci been wrong about in over a year? Never mind.

Kurtz then shifted to Harold Ford Jr., and began his Laura Logan cover-up.

“Fauci’s made some mistakes,” Kurtz said. “He is absolutely fair game for criticism but there, some of the personal abuse aimed at him I think has been out of bounds…”

He continued, “At the same time would you agree that most of the media treats him with kid gloves.”

At this moment, Mollie Hemingway silently mouthed the words “no” and rolled up her eyes as if to say it’s quite okay to equate Dr. Fauci with the Nazi butcher, Dr. Mengele.

Is the media supposed to treat a decorated medical professional running our nation’s COVID response as a hostile witness? It wasn’t Dr. Fauci who told Americans to drink bleach as a cure for COVID.

Outside of the gross attitude Hemingway exuded at that moment, way to go Howard.

Bring up Laura Logan’s heinous actions, but not mention her by name for saying those words. A true cover-up if I ever saw one.

Almost all Fox News hosts engage in slinging the most personal abuse against Dr. Fauci, since Trump feels threatened by his popularity.

Brian Stelter: “By all appearances, she’s been secretly sidelined. Fox is yet to comment or denounce her remarks. This week’s awfulness raises another question, one that people ask me all the time. What happened to her? What happened to Lara Logan?”

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) December 5, 2021

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