Fox News' New Lie: Dems Attacked American Values

Fox News' New Lie: Dems Attacked American Values

On America’s Newsroom, after a debate between two guests finished, co-host Sandra Smith suggested Terry McAuliffe lost the Virginia governor race because Democrats attacked American values.

I kid you not.

Both co-hosts made their thoughts about what happened in the Virginia governor race quite clear and it was all about the racist lies being told by MAGA. But that’s not how they put it.

“You can look at this as a referendum on Joe Biden, a repudiation of his policies, but you can also ask the question whether or not Democrats overplayed their hand after winning the White House, House and the Senate,” said Smith. “Did they just go a bridge too far when they attacked American values and those parents who do care what their kids learning in the classroom?”

John Roberts dutifully agreed and bemoaned what he called the phony trumped-up culture war that Democrats claimed on the use of critical race theory as a wedge issue. Projection, much?

Fox News has been running their culture war lunacy since Biden was inaugurated. With the pandemic mucking up the country, Fox and their counterparts were able to rev up the MAGA Evangelical base with made up racist tropes and used it on the backdrop of children, just like the Pizzagate lies that helped them in Virginia’s election.

Smith never did say how Democrats are attacking their values and remember, their values are the real American values. Anyone who believes in paid family leave, negotiating drug prices, child care etc. is anti-American.

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