Fox Pushes For Rittenhouse To Sue Biden, Media, For Defamation

Fox Pushes For Rittenhouse To Sue Biden, Media, For Defamation

The pundits on Fox “news” seem to have a bad case of selective amnesia if they really believe Rittenhouse has grounds to sue for being called a white supremacist. The network has been running one segment after another similar to the one above, and articles on their website such as this one ever since Rittenhouse was acquitted:

Rittenhouse could have potential defamation case against Biden over White supremacist tweet, expert says.

Missing from any of their commentary… the fact that Rittenhouse was caught palling around with white supremacists at a Kenosha County tavern and photographed flashing the white power sign while posing with them.

Somehow that little tidbit never manages to make its way into the hyperbolic commentary on Fox, insisting that Rittenhouse has been smeared by Biden, CNN and MSNBC, and as Cheri Jacobus noted on Twitter:

Kinda hard for the Kyle Rittenhouse enablers threatening defamation lawsuits for anyone referring to him as a white nationalist when there’s this photo of him in bar — a watering hole of the Proud Boys — giving the white power sign. Also, his association with Tucker Carlson.

— Cheri Jacobus (@CheriJacobus) November 20, 2021

Once again, irony is dead with Fox calling for accountability from other members of the media, but that never seems to faze them at the right-wing propaganda network.

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