FOX: Women Not Returning To Work Because Schools 'Framing Them As Terrorists'

FOX: Women Not Returning To Work Because Schools 'Framing Them As Terrorists'

Fox’s Emily Compagno manages to use one made up AstroTurf, right-wing, Fox faux “scandal” and bend it into another one about why women supposedly aren’t returning to the work force.

During a segment on this Friday’s Outnumbered, it was non-stop attacks on the Biden administration over the jobs report. Compango first admits that lack of affordable child care might have something to do with many women not returning to work. Then, though, she blames the DOJ being asked by the National School Board Association for assistance with acts of violence at school board meetings as another reason women are still at home taking care of kids:

COMPAGNO: We see messaging coming out of the White House and the mainstream media that seems to shift around what exactly is the truth behind these statistics. They’re saying, look, the unemployment rate that fell to 4.8 percent, they are saying this is a good thing but it’s coming because almost 200,000 workers have left the workforce for good.

In part, many women who were caring for their children because they don’t have child care or the schools are being draconian and framing them as terrorists, so they’re not comfortable with having their kids there. There’s a whole host of reasons, but the bottom line is that communications emanating from the commander in chief is trying to shift that.

Fox was desperate to blame people receiving extended unemployment benefits for the problems employers have had finding workers, rather than the real reasons: the pandemic not being under control, low wages, the price of daycare being unaffordable, etc. Now that that narrative has blown up in their faces, they’re blaming it on vaccine mandates, and now, the DOJ supposedly treating parents like domestic terrorists. Of course, as we already discussed here, they’re doing no such thing.

I’m waiting for them to find a way to blame critical race theory for the jobs numbers next. You know it’s coming.

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