Fox Works Overtime To Make Rittenhouse A Hero

Fox Works Overtime To Make Rittenhouse A Hero

Fox News host Lawrence Jones called Kyle Rittenhouse a “child” and Greg Gutfeld saluted him for killing two men.

It’s all about making violent white nationalism heroic.

On The Five, Gutfeld said, “People say that Rittenhouse never should’ve gone to Kenosha. The dead guys shouldn’t have gone there either.”

Blaming the government, Gutfeld continued that the two dead guys, “deserved better from the government, but they didn’t deserve better from Kyle.”

What kind of mother lets their 17-year-old son arm himself with an AR-15 and then drives him to a riot?

“He did the right thing. He did what the government should have done, which was to make sure these dirtbags, these violent, disgusting dirtbags weren’t roaming the streets. It is clear. They were looking for blood. Joy Reid saluted them, she said they were heroes!”


On Fox Prime Time, guest host Lawrence Jones made the same argument and said “Kyle felt like he had to do something” and it was the government that forced a child to have his mother drive him into Kenosha with the AR 15 and kill people.

Fox never asked how did Kyle become so radicalized? Who influenced him?

Why should he be free if he illegally possessed a dangerous weapon as a person under 18 and then killed two people?

Why did he brag he wanted to be famous on his TikTok page, brandishing his AR-15, before he went to Kenosha?

Up is down.
Black is white.
And Fox News is a blight – on our society.

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