Geraldo Slams Hannity: 'I Despise Vaccinated People' Urging Against Vaccine

Geraldo Slams Hannity: 'I Despise Vaccinated People' Urging Against Vaccine

On Tuesday night’s Hannity, the producers created another “Geraldo versus Bongino” pro-wrestling match to get viewers and clicks.

The topic was Aaron Rogers lying to the press over being vaccinated. Geraldo went off on Sean Hannity and others like him for their despicable and smug behavior regarding the unvaccinated and “freedoms.”

Rivera discussed losing family members to COVID. Hannity said he lost some as well. As the discussion spiraled out of control with Don Bongo Bongino (as planned), Hannity asked if there was any “accommodation” for the unvaccinated.

“No,” Geraldo said.

“There is no accommodation. I despise, let me be very frank. I despise vaccinated people who are smug in their protection, who urged unvaccinated people to exercise their freedoms.”

He’s looking at you, Sean.

Hannity replied, “What if they got tested every day. Even if they got tested every day isn’t good enough you?”

Rivera replied, “It’s like the guy in the street, (Geraldo pointed up in the air while Hannity tried to interrupt him) telling the guy on the ledge to jump.”

At that point, Hannity gave up.

Right-wing media, including Traitor Trump, has been the single most deadly influence during the pandemic. Fox News continues to do so with no remorse for its actions. Many suspect Rupert Murdoch is hoping the death toll under Biden can be brought up to match Trump’s, for a “both sides are equally bad” chyron. Fortunately, the VACCINE prevents that from happening.

But that’s not for lack of trying. Trump counties have 3X the amount of deaths through COVID in October than do Biden counties.

Americans trying to stay safe and adhering to CDC guidelines are getting really frustrated with those who through sheer ignorance and wingnut politics are refusing.

With 753,000 dead Americans from COVID, the anti-vax advocacy of those right-wing hosts, pundits and politicians protecting MAGA anti-vaxers? Is criminal.

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