Giuliani Calls Biden 'A Mental Incompetent' Who 'Could Destroy The World'

Giuliani Calls Biden 'A Mental Incompetent' Who 'Could Destroy The World'

Attorney Rudy Giuliani, who represented former President Donald Trump, on Thursday accused President Joe Biden of being “a mental incompetent” who could destroy the world.

During an interview with Giuliani on Real America’s Voice, host Steve Bannon suggested that Biden had lied when he disputed reports that migrants abused by the Trump administration would be awarded $450,000.

“He’s certainly capable of looking with a straight face and lying,” Giuliani opined. “We’ve caught him in, what, 100 lies. ‘I never met any Ukrainian.’ We’ve got all those pictures all over the place and text messages and he was spending more time with Ukrainians than Ukrainians do.”

“But here’s [sic] the possibilities given the present state of his mental capacity,” he continued. “He could be lying. He could have forgotten. Or they may not have told him. Any one of those three things.”

Giuliani argued that Biden was likely lying about the migrant payouts.

“Who knows with this guy,” he added. “The simple fact is this is one of the most dangerous points in our history. We have a mental incompetent sitting next to a button that could destroy the world.”

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