Glenn Grothman Really, Really Hates Teaching History

Glenn Grothman Really, Really Hates Teaching History

Earlier this year, Glenn Grothman proudly sponsored and cosponsored any bill passed to prevent Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught anywhere, because history is full of all sorts of uncomfortable facts:

How can we expect any child to succeed in life when we teach them that the deck is stacked against them and that they will forever be held back by racist oppressors?” Said Grothman. “In 2019, America naturalized 843,000 citizens. In 2021, we are on pace to have the most people cross the Southern border illegally in more than a decade. America is still seen as the land of opportunity throughout the world as evidenced by the droves of people coming here. At one time, we taught children in America that this is the land of opportunity. CRT, however, has changed that.

“The CRT curriculum that ‘enlightened’ educators are regurgitating to students pits them against each other based on racial and ethnic background. In other words, students are being taught to judge people by the color of their skin, not the content of their character.

“This is a dangerous precedent to set for America’s youth, who will one day lead this country. But we still have time to stop this nonsense. There are no boogeymen holding people back because of where they or their ancestors are from. Success is achieved in America by people from all walks of life, of different races, skin tones, religious beliefs, orientations, sex, and national origins.

Of course, this coming from a slovenly man who spent his entire career as a Wisconsin state lawmaker trying to pass laws to oppress Black people, especially Black women. And if he couldn’t pass the bills, he would just go ahead and insult the entire Black culture, including things like Kwanzaa.

Now Grothman is on the warpath to promote his favored ideology, capitalism, by mandating educational courses in jingoism and nationalism against those dirty, rotten Commies:

I was proud to join @RepMariaSalazar to promote the Crucial Communism Teaching Act so American children learn about the dangers of communism from a young age. Communism always fails, and this harmful ideology runs counter to the founding principles of freedom & liberty in the US.

— Rep. Glenn Grothman (@RepGrothman) December 2, 2021

I wonder if Grothman has ever heard of China. I would like to think that he has, since they’ve been pwning his ‘Murica for decades.

I’m just waiting for Grothman to put all these bills together in an omnibus mandating that the kiddies be brainwashed in ‘Murican jingoism and propaganda. We do have the American version of Hitler’s Youth, known her as YAF, but very few young people voluntarily sign up for that brainwashing. What’s a good fascist like Grothman to do?

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