'God's Will': Nova Scotia Church Camp Spreads Covid, Kills Three

'God's Will': Nova Scotia Church Camp Spreads Covid, Kills Three

After a weekly average of 35 covid cases, this Nova Scotia event spiked the numbers to 111. But don’t worry, it was God’s will! Via the Halifax Examiner:

At the end of October, the Gospel Light Baptist Church in Amherst hosted a four-day “camp meeting” for about 100 like-minded Baptists from across the province. According to Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang, many of the participants were unvaccinated, and the organizers made no effort to abide by Public Health requirements for masking and distancing.

The result: a COVID outbreak in the western and northern parts of the province, as the pilgrims brought the virus back to their home parishes and into their workplaces. One camp meeting participant is a worker at the East Cumberland Lodge nursing home in Pugwash; the virus has ripped through the home, and so far, 31 residents and 10 staff members have been infected and two residents have died. Another camp meeting participant brought the virus into Rupert House, a home for people with intellectual disabilities, taking the life of resident Victoria Harrison.

Justifying the unjustifiable, Robert Smith, the pastor of the Gospel Light Baptist Church, told his congregation that the sickness and death that started with his outrageously irresponsible behaviour is all part of God’s plan:

“I followed what God wanted us to do,” Smith said from the pulpit. “We had a great week of meetings … a young lady got saved.”

The pastor was fined for his flouting of the Health Protection Act:

The summary offence ticket was issued today, November 17 by the inspection, compliance and enforcement division of the Department of Environment and Climate Change after an investigation. The fine amount was $2,422.

So less than $1000 per death. Life is cheap when you’re a Godly man!

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