GOP Death Cult Continues Pushing Dangerous Anti-Vax Disinformation

GOP Death Cult Continues Pushing Dangerous Anti-Vax Disinformation

Republicans like Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and their enablers on right-wing propaganda networks continue to spread dangerous anti-vax disinformation about natural immunity.

We saw Brian Kilmeade doing the same thing on Fox & Friends this week, citing an study out of Israel that was not peer reviewed with absolutely no regard for how many of their viewers’ lives this ends up costing.

Here’s Gaetz on One America News Network, telling the host that, basically the best way to prevent getting coronavirus… is to get coronavirus:

GAETZ: Well, still the best vaccine we’ve found, is mother nature’s vaccine. It’s contracting the virus. That is what has provided the greatest protection, the most durable protection over the longest period of time. And it’s not not anti-vaccine to say a national strategy to combat coronavirus should have at its centerpiece the recognition of natural immunity, and the ability to have people who are naturally immune doing critical things that we need the economy to work.

As John said when he took on Kilmeade for this crap:

5.2 million people have died throughout the world so far from COVID. Almost 800,000 Americans have passed on.

So that’s the cost anti-VAX assholes are willing to pay not to get the shot and instead let people get infected, suffer, and die?

If Fox News and right-wing media actually cared about their viewers they wouldn’t allow this crap from being aired on a daily basis.

There is no bottom, and they don’t care how many suffer and die as long as they believe it hurts Biden and benefits them politically to extend this pandemic. It’s as cynical as it gets, but here we are.

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