Grisham 'Feels Guilty' About Her Appearances On Fox News

Grisham 'Feels Guilty' About Her Appearances On Fox News

Continuing on her book tour, former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham discussed her many Fox News appearances on CNN, and the regrets she has over the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

In a lengthy interview, Brianna Keilar then asked Grisham about the role Fox News played in the Trump administration.

Grisham replied, “That’s just where we went to get what we wanted out.”

Grisham then explained her joy going on Lou Dobbs.

“You know, I looked forward to going and doing Lou Dobbs because Lou Dobbs would do all the talking about how great everything was, and I would just nod and say yes.”

“They, by and large, didn’t get tough with us. They just took what we were saying and disseminated it.”

That’s a thorough description of state-sponsored TV if I ever heard one.

“And I think they’re disseminating it to a lot of people who went… went to the Capitol for January 6 and I, you know, again, I’ve had a lot of time to grapple with this and I feel horribly guilty about — about my part in it because I was on Fox a lot,” Grisham said.

She was asked if Fox News was state-run TV. “A bit,” she admitted.

Grisham obviously likes some morning and daytime people on Fox but still admitted their evening block was state-sponsored TV. Not surprisingly, the evening schedule is their most-watched programming of the entire day.

Being media critics, we can say unequivocally Fox News during the Trump administration was state-run television, but slightly less radical than Newsmax and OANN.

Now, even after Traitor Trump was dispatched by voters, Fox News remains a massive opposition research and propaganda arm of the GOP.

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