Guess Which Party Thinks AR15s Are 'Gifts From God'

Guess Which Party Thinks AR15s Are 'Gifts From God'

Turning to Christian Nationalism and, let’s face it, ammosexuality, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robertson stood at a religious podium and equated God, garden slugs, and humans to defend dangerous automatic weapons.

“Garden slugs are little disgusting creatures that make your skin crawl,” Robertson said.

Robinson ranted even GOD even protected the garden slug, leading up to his crazy point.

“Garden slugs have little enzymes in it that make it unappealing for folks to eat,” he said.

Wait, I just order some garden slugs with my fries.

Then he compared humans to slugs.

“God gave the garden slug a way to defend itself. Now, if God gave the garden slug a way to defend themselves, what makes you think he didn’t give man, who he created in his own image, a way to defend himself? Those AR-15s and Glock 9mms and .45 calibers; where do you think they came from? Who do you think inspired them? God knew the world he was putting us into, so he formed in our mind the ability for us to be able to defend ourselves from anybody who may threaten us.”

This man is the Lieutenant Governor of the State of North Carolina, not some evangelical MAGA pastor.

Republicans will do and say anything to bow down to the Lord and Savior…the gun lobby.

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