Ha, Ha! Chris Christie Validates Election Conspiracy Theories

Ha, Ha! Chris Christie Validates Election Conspiracy Theories

The next time Chris Christie stops at a newsroom on his rehab tour, I hope some reporter asks about this.

Because Chris really wants to have it both ways. He wants to go on the semi-respectable news shows and talk about how conspiracy theories are destroying the Republican party — and then he wants to go on Fox shows and validate those election conspiracy theories with a “nudge nudge, wink wink”!

Watch as he tells Laura Ingraham he enthusiastically endorses Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s “election integrity” law — WHICH IS ALL BASED ON CONSPIRACY THEORIES. (Or, I should say, Kemp uses conspiracy theories as a cover story for election suppression, not “election integrity.”)

Chris is fine with that. He said so!

Kemp’s law severely limits the number of drop boxes, allegedly because they could theoretically be used fraudulently. But he knows the reason they’re popular is, they make it easier for Democrats to vote. He prefers the good old Southern system, where they’d be forced to stand in line for hours and finally give up and go home.

Same thing with absentee ballots. Although there was no actual absentee ballot fraud in Georgia, that’s not enough. Kemp can pretend there’s something fishy about them, because Democrats use them.

The new law cuts the window by a which a voter can request an absentee ballot by more than half.
It also makes it illegal for election officials to mail absentee ballot applications to all voters, as Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, did ahead of the state’s June 2020 primary election during the pandemic.

The law will also require voters to provide proof of identify when requesting an absentee ballot — even though their name and attached address are already in the system. Kemp knows that more than 272,000 registered voters don’t have a driver’s license or state ID — and he certainly knows that most of them are Black and live in Democratic-leaning counties.

But Chris Christie, who says one thing and does another, publicly stamps his seal of approval on a voting law that is grounded in nothing but convenient conspiracy theories. Hey, he said he didn’t like them — but he has no problem with Republicans taking advantage of them if it allows them to suppress Democratic votes.

Chris Christie, grifter.

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