Harris Faulkner Cravenly Blames School Shooting On 'Defund The Police'

Harris Faulkner Cravenly Blames School Shooting On 'Defund The Police'

Fox News simulcasted Michigan prosecutor Karen McDonald’s press conference explaining why the two parents of Ethan Crumbley will also face charges in the Oxford High school shooting.

Afterwards Harris Faulkner, Kayleigh McEnany, and Emily Compagno discussed what they just heard from the prosecutor.

Emily discussed the Michigan laws pertaining to possessing a weapon and outlined the horrific events that led up to Crumbley’s heinous act of violence.

Compagno said the Michigan schools follow the laws pretty precisely and detailed Ethan Crumbley’s unhinged actions.

Harris then jumped in: “These are things that are not… That’s why would people say you gotta defund the police. If you have a police officer standing in that room, that discussion is different. Okay? It’s a different discussion.”

What the hell does a school shooting by a 15-year-old student that was enabled by their parents have to do with the police in any capacity, especially using the defund the police meme?

I mean WTF? Faulkner took that meme to a whole other universe.

That’s the farthest stretch of wingnut outrage that I’ve seen today. Or at least this week.

The idea of putting police officers in schools has been the usual NRA talking point since Obama took office and has no place in this discussion.

See, it’s not the Crumbleys fault, who bought the gun, had Ethan glorify the weapon on social media, coach him how to use it and not to get caught surfing the internet for ammunition in school. It’s really invisible BLM protesters.

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