Headliners At Michael Flynn's Grift Tour Are Sick And Blaming…Anthrax?

Headliners At Michael Flynn's Grift Tour Are Sick And Blaming…Anthrax?

As one clever person on Twitter noted, “I caught COVID just looking at the poster.”

Turns out several of the “personalities” headlining the Michael Flynn “Reawaken America” tour of grift are experiencing…symptoms.

I have been following this saga for days. Basically, the guys behind the ‘election fraud audits’ are all sick after attending Michael Flynn and Clay Clark’s big QAnon conference, and they believe that anthrax was pumped in through the churches’ fog machines to poison them. pic.twitter.com/C8yL7mdRZ8

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 22, 2021

David Clements is claiming that Joe Oltmann, Jovan Pulitzer and “a dozen” others that were at the Reawaken America tour are “suffering from symptoms related to an anthrax attack”

If the tour sounds familiar, it’s because Lin Wood’s been feuding with the organizer, Clay Clark. pic.twitter.com/DDHPM1imuE

— trapezoid of discovery (@get_innocuous) December 21, 2021

Jesus. They’re going to continue running around in public while taking an antibiotic that will do absolutely nothing to either mitigate their COVID symptoms or stop the spread.

Love the acknowledgment that the symptoms are similar to severe COVID 🤔 pic.twitter.com/hm2Jl7NVxR

— trapezoid of discovery (@get_innocuous) December 21, 2021

Hold up. There were “Church FOG MACHINES” at the event??!? Alrighty then.

so, they believe in anthrax poisoning being used in a fog machine, but not COVID or election results?

yep, that checks out.

— Marjorie’s Lusty Bread (@mommy_shark2021) December 22, 2021

They forgot to “research” how absolutely deadly airborne anthrax is before they ran to their social media and announced it was anthrax (they’d be dead already).

This makes total sense, considering the 800,000 anthrax deaths that we’ve had in the last two years.

— Joe H (@angryjoeIA) December 22, 2021

Caught in their own conspiracy theory, you hate to see it.

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