Hero Of GOP's 'Voter Fraud' Hysteria Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud

Hero Of GOP's 'Voter Fraud' Hysteria Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud

Last month we brought you this story of a man in Las Vegas who claimed voter fraud after his wife, who died in 2017 but was still on the voter registration list somehow managed to mail in her ballot. The “anomaly” was noticed a few days after the presidential election last year. Hartle denied any knowledge at the time, suggesting that someone had stolen her ballot. After a months-long investigation, it was determined that Hartle was responsible and he was charged. He was looking at a four-year sentence but will plead guilty in exchange for a far lesser sentence, basically a slap on the wrist as he’ll likely get probation and a $2000 fine as part of his plea agreement.

Source: KLAS

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man charged with forging his dead wife’s signature on her ballot, mailing it in and then claiming it had been stolen, has agreed to plead guilty.

In a guilty plea agreement filed Monday, Kirk Hartle will plead guilty to one charge of voting more than once in the same election, which is a category D felony. Category D felonies carry a maximum prison sentence of four years.

As part of the plea deal, Hartle will avoid prison time and will have to serve probation. If he stays out of trouble for a year, he will be able to withdraw his plea and instead plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit voting more than once in the same election.

And as a reminder, the Nevada GOP tried to make it an issue last November.

“Disbelief” and “sickening”… That’s how Kirk Hartle feels about someone voting in his deceased wife’s name.

How did the forged signature pass @ClarkCountyNV’s signature verification machine?

And this is isn’t the only case of a deceased person voting in NV. pic.twitter.com/5LYoNx59m2

— Nevada GOP (@NVGOP) November 10, 2020

Trump operatives Matt Schlapp and Ric Grenell traveled to Nevada in search of microphones in which to scream “voter fraud!” over Hartle’s false claims.

“The Secretary of State’s office investigators began a probe of Hartle’s case a year ago…after former state AG Adam Laxalt and American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp held a news conference to allege widespread voter fraud in Nevada.” #NVSEN https://t.co/IVWgNWNA4A

— Andy Orellana (@asorellana) November 17, 2021

Hey @NVGOP, @ambgrenell, and @mattschlapp, what say you about Kirk Hartle pleading guilty to voter fraud, or are we just pretending that little debacle never happened? Of course we are. You’re the Party of completely lying hypocrites.

— Devin Nunes’s cow’s bff (@Heather97Ag) November 17, 2021

And as a further reminder of the two levels of justice in the country…

Donald “Kirk” Hartle was sentenced to probation Tuesday for knowingly using a ballot sent to his deceased wife to vote for Trump in the November 2020 presidential election. Crystal Mason was sentenced to 5 years prison for unknowingly voting illegally. Sounds about white. pic.twitter.com/UgrkF1eDJP

— Nita Cosby (@5_2blue) November 16, 2021

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