Hey Sean Hannity, Call Your Boss

Hey Sean Hannity, Call Your Boss

Sean Hannity went after Liz Cheney on Wednesday’s “Hannity.”

And at one point he worried aloud that “perhaps the real agenda is to purge the Republican Party of all things Trump.”


Anyhow, this morning Sean’s former boss and still big-wig at NewsCorp Rupert Murdoch is trending on Twitter. Rupert is kinda tired of the whole “stop the steal” BS, and would like very much for Mango Mussolini to drop it.

Fox Chief Rupert Murdoch says Trump is too ‘Focused on the Past’

Meanwhile Murdoch’s entire news network is permanently set to the 1950’s, like a broken toaster.

— Mr. Newberger (@jeremynewberger) November 18, 2021

Maybe Sean needs an update from the suits upstairs as to how his network is going to “handle” the Trump news as it becomes more and more clear that Agolf Twitler is a drag on their brand.

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