High School Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, 8 Injured In Michigan

High School Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, 8 Injured In Michigan

A 15-year old student in the Detroit suburbs loaded up his backpack with a semiautomatic handgun, extra magazines, and maybe his lunch his mom made for him and went to school where he killed 3 students and injured at least 8 more before he was taken into custody.

The Detroit News:

The shooter, an unidentified 15-year-old sophomore, is in custody, Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe added during a news conference. He is not injured.

“Deputies confronted him, he had the weapon on him and deputies took him into custody,” McCabe said, adding the weapon was a semi-automatic handgun. “The whole thing lasted five minutes.”

Officials didn’t identify the victims, but the undersheriff said a teacher is among those wounded.

About 15 to 20 shots were fired and about 100 calls were placed to 911, McCabe said. The shooter, he said, appears to have acted alone.

“There were no other guns, no other shooters,” McCabe added. “As far as we know.”

Oh. As far as they know. I’m sure that’s true because clearly more students would have been dead or injured if he’d had help. The fact that they took him into custody within 5 minutes of the first 911 call suggests that maybe if the gun had been a little harder to load and/or murder people with, fewer people might have been injured or dead.

But hey, the second amendment and all that. I’m sure he’ll tell the court he feared for his life and walk free.

This is the shooter trying to get into a classroom by impersonating a sheriff:

More from Twitter:

This isn’t freedom.
This isn’t happening in any other high income country.
No other nation would tolerate this.
We don’t have to either.

Text ACT to 644-33. Use your voice and vote to stop gun violence.

📸 at Oxford High School in Michigan by @ericseals of @freep pic.twitter.com/FDbVztboBE

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) November 30, 2021

My son’s school. 3 dead and other’s injured. Names of kids I know. I just can’t get over how truly sickening this is. Robbed of their future. Their loved ones. How utterly desolate our country seems to be when we continue to let these horrific tragedies occur and do nothing.

— Jody Job (@JodyAnnJob) November 30, 2021

Cynicism aside, our hearts go out to the families of all those killed and injured today.

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