Idiocracy 2021: Fox 'News' Version

Idiocracy 2021: Fox 'News' Version

A few months ago, The Guardian did a review of Mike Judge’s 2006 film, Idiocracy, calling it “a disturbingly prophetic look at the future of America – and our era of stupidity.”

About a week ago, Fox Business News’ Kennedy did an eerily similar take on a scene from that movie while mocking the notion of student loan relief.

Source: The Guardian

Are we living in the age of stupid? The era of the idiot? The answer of course is yes, with examples of monstrous moronicism everywhere — from climate deniers to the “plandemic” crowd who believe COVID-19 was cooked up in Bill Gates’ basement. On the other hand, human beings have always been illogical creatures. A better question is whether we are, as a species, becoming dumberer. If this is already the era of the idiot, what comes next?

An “Idiocracy,” according to film-maker Mike Judge. The Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill and Silicon Valley creator’s dystopian 2006 comedy (which he directed and co-wrote with Ethan Cohen) arrived with its own terminology to help us prepare for the upcoming reality TV special that we may call The Collapse of Reality Itself.

And although Idiocracy was set centuries in the future, that is where we are right now, achieving peak stupid in 2021 (hopefully). From the anti-vaxxers right on down, people doing asinine, destructive things with some vague notion of personal reward. All at the expense of others.

Case in point, in the clip above, Fox Business’ Kennedy whinging about AOC, Rashida Tlaib and others bemoaning the extreme student debt load in the United States. Because Fox News sees things in black and white, market forces dictate prices and if anyone has a problem with that, maybe they just shouldn’t go to college or get that “useless” BA or whatever. Never mind the social benefit of having a well-educated workforce and citizenry. That just doesn’t enter into the equation at all.

I really don’t think people outside the US realize just how bad it is here. We really are the movie Idiocracy in real time

— commieclique 🌙🌴 🚩🏴 (@sc_commieclique) December 26, 2021

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