Idiot Fox Host Claims Anti-Vaxers Making 'Sensible Decisions'

Idiot Fox Host Claims Anti-Vaxers Making 'Sensible Decisions'

Pete Hegseth, weekend Fox and Friends host, joined Fox Business Thursday to claim people refusing to be vaccinated are making “sensible decisions about their health.”

Host Stuart Varney discussed Los Angeles’ new Covid vaccine requirements in the public space, joining New York City and San Francisco.

Varney called these safety measures, “draconian restrictions.”

Infecting others with a virus during a pandemic is draconian if you ask me.

Hegseth, appearing in another pro-Trump diner in Florida raged against Los Angeles and NYC’s new regulations.

“It’s becoming a new set of class: the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated,” Hegseth whined.

Refusing vaccines during a pandemic is not a social class, but a distinction between a smart person and an a-hole who has joined a cult. Which do you want to be?

Hegseth continued, “There are very legitimate reasons why sensible people would make an alternative decision, most importantly to include natural immunity or other causes…”

This is Tucker Carlson’s lies and Alex Berensen propaganda that “building up natural immunity will save you.” It doesn’t save you if you wind up dying in an ICU.

Over 700,000 dead Americans prove otherwise.

Fox News is celebrating their 25th anniversary by helping to spread and infect people with COVID.

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