Is Build Back Better Really Over? Magic 8-Ball Says Maybe Not

Is Build Back Better Really Over? Magic 8-Ball Says Maybe Not

After Joe Manchin shivved Joe Biden with his surprise announcement he “can’t” support the Build Back Better bill, where do Dems go from here? Morning Joe discussed the options.

“Again, the White House fired quite a few rhetorical bombs his way yesterday, but I’m –just as David Ignatius said earlier, ‘In Washington, it ain’t over until it’s over, and even then, it’s not over,’ ” Joe Scarborough said.

“I think that’s right,” Jonathan Lemire said.

“This was not the final chapter of this negotiation. Certainly a setback, and we saw the White House’s anger yesterday — it’s very clear that they view this in personal terms. We discussed it earlier. They feel like Joe Manchin went back on his word to the president of the United States.

He referred to the interview this morning with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“The congresswoman, we heard her say that. That’s a popular sentiment in the Democratic party. And Senate majority leader Schumer calling for a vote in the next couple weeks in Build Back Better, saying the senators have to put up their hand on the Senate floor as well, not just on tv.

“Look, everyone is going to be away for a couple weeks here. I think we have a cooling off period. There will be negotiation. People don’t think this is the final chapter. They’re not happy, let’s be clear about that, but whether it’s in smaller portions or revised, Build Back Better act, they still think at the end of the day, Manchin is not going to be a caucus of one and they don’t believe he would change parties because he would lose influence if he were to do so.

“They just thought there was a deal to be done, they just had hoped it would be sooner rather than later.”

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