It's October, And Already 'War On Christmas' Season

It's October, And Already 'War On Christmas' Season

Sorry kids, supply chain problems due to year two of a worldwide pandemic mean you’re going to get a lot less cheap plastic crap made in China under the tree this year.

Or, as fully vaccinated Brian Kilmeade sitting on the Fox and Friends couch puts it: “Nobody wants to work!”

Won’t someone think of the coffee pods (yeah) that Steve Doocy can’t find on the shelves?

But that’s nothing compared to the weekend Republican Representative and self-described “chairwoman of the Election Integrity Caucus” Claudia Tenney had on Twitter.

I would like to inform Biden and Fauci that regardless of what they say, Americans are celebrating Christmas.

— Claudia Tenney (@claudiatenney) October 3, 2021

That’s right, it’s never too early to start celebrating the War on Christmas. And it caused Twitter to break out ALL of their clown memes, this being the best in my opinion:


And to get real for a moment, these two tweets:

Christian minister here. Of course, we will celebrate Christmas! But we will also have to hold numerous memorials for those dead from #Covid_19 due to the failed stewardship of the pandemic by Donald Trump, and the lies and conspiracies of his acolytes. #GetVaccinated #WearAMask

— Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie (@RevChuckCurrie) October 4, 2021

They’re not saying you can’t celebrate Christmas.
They’re just saying that gathering together unvaccinated, mask-less people during a pandemic of an ever-worsening virus is about the stupidest thing someone could do.
But they’re not saying you can’t celebrate Christmas.

— Wayne A Schneider (@WayneASchneider) October 3, 2021

Of course, don’t expect Election Integrity Caucus Congresswoman to be interested in reality. The “War on Christmas” is coming particularly early this year, because Republicans are desperate to change the subject from Jan 6 sentencings and Trump Organization tax fraud trials, the end.

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