Jan. 6th Committee Asks Jordan For His Trump Communications

Jan. 6th Committee Asks Jordan For His Trump Communications

Remember how Jim Jordan wanted to be part of the Jan. 6th committee? He’s going to get his chance! They just requested that he turn over any communications he had with former President Donald Trump and those who sought to overturn the election. Via the Daily Beast:

In a letter made public Wednesday, the bipartisan committee requested Jordan’s “voluntary cooperation” in its ongoing mission to examine who was behind the violence on Jan. 6—and explore what role the Trump White House played in trying to stage a coup.

[…] Jordan (R-OH) drew curiosity back during a House Rules Committee meeting in October when he asserted that he had communicated with Trump after the insurrection, but not during the attack on the U.S. Capitol building. However, members of the panel have said they do consider Jordan, a longtime Trump ally and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ closest friend in Congress, a potentially significant witness to the events that day.

Jordan has already shown up in one key text message to Meadows that the committee released. In that text, Jordan quoted from a document laying out a plan to overturn the election. While the committee didn’t initially disclose that it was Jordan who had sent the text to Meadows, Jordan later acknowledged to a right-wing media outlet that it was him.

They haven’t escalated yet to a subpoena, so Gym won’t show up. (Yet.) But eventually they will, and then they will pursue criminal contempt charges against him.

And let me point out that the real pressure to testify for a lot of these Congress yahoos will be ballooning legal fees. The kind of competent and specialized attorney who can argue successfully against a congressional subpoena will bill upwards of $1000 an hour — and if you get a cheaper lawyer, you probably won’t get a competent one. (See Trump.)

The Committee has requested that Rep Jim Jordan provide information for the committee’s investigation.

Chair @BennieGThompson noted that Jordan was apparently in communication with the former President on 1/6 & he was reportedly involved in efforts to challenge election results. pic.twitter.com/XHO1r9if7t

— January 6th Committee (@January6thCmte) December 22, 2021

Donald Trump awarded Jim Jordan the Medal of Freedom in a private ceremony just days after January 6. Soon, we will find out why.

— MeidasTouch.com (@MeidasTouch) December 22, 2021

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