Jim Acosta Decimates Fox News And Tucker Carlson Again

Jim Acosta Decimates Fox News And Tucker Carlson Again

Jim Acosta came right for Tucker Carlson in a segment where he mercilessly mocked the FOX (not) News host for his continued lies and misinformation about the COVID vaccine, placing blame squarely on him for the deaths that can surely be attributed to the host’s own words. People who believe Tuckems and FOX over actual scientists…that is a shame. Truly. But for Tuckems and FOX to continue pushing lies that they KNOW are killing people? That is sociopathic.

Then, in a perfect twist, Jim pointed out that FOX mandated its employees get vaccinated, and that close to 90% obeyed! Those Fox hosts on your TV every night pushing vaccine misinformation? THEY ARE VACCINATED.

Then, the kicker: Acosta showed a photo taken at the newly renovated DC offices for FOX (not) News that showed everyone *wearing masks.* This wasn’t staged. This wasn’t fake. It was in the office. They are all masked. THEY KNOW MASKS WORK. Yet they continue to feed the lies that the GOP machine tells them to feed…and the viewers eat up…so they keep feeding them. It is a literal circular firing squad of misinformation.

ACOSTA: Among those dead are people who were fed lies by online misinformation, by the former president, who was dismissive of science, and got a shot in hiding. And they were lied to each night by this guy.

(Tuckems clip from April 13th)

CARLSON: If vaccines work, why are vaccinated people still banned from living normal lives? Honestly, what’s the answer to that? It doesn’t make any sense at all. If the vaccine is effective, there’s no reason for people who have received it to wear masks or avoid physical contact. So maybe it doesn’t work and they’re simply not telling you that.

(Tuckems clip from May 5th)

CARLSON: So what is the real number of people who apparently who have been killed or injured by the vaccines? Well, don’t know that number, nobody does, and we’re not going to speculate. But it’s clear though, whatever is happening now for whatever reason is not even close to normal. Not even close to what we see in previous years with previous vaccines. Most vaccines are not accused of killing large numbers of people.

ACOSTA: These are all lies. The theory that Tucker should really address is FOX replacement theory. FOX replacement theory. There is no way to replace the Americans those flags on the mall represent and Tucker, talking to you right now, there is no way to replace the viewers whose lives you are endangering with your lies. These lies may sadly capture your viewers attention, but keep it up. Some of those folks, not all of them, some of them might not be around anymore to listen to your lies.


Yes, I’ve heard the excuses about getting the vaccine. You don’t know what’s in it. If you don’t know, as my mother would say, look it up.

As I was getting ready to do this show, I was thinking, I don’t know what’s in this shampoo or in this tooth paste. I don’t know what happens if I use the shampoo and the tooth paste at the same time. And neither do you. I mean, besides getting clean, of course. But when it comes to the vaccine, all of a sudden, you want to play dress up, put on a lab coat and do your own research over accepting the advice of medical professionals and your research consists of listening to Tucker and the internet?

It’s October, so I was thinking about ending this segment with this meme from Halloween. I did my own research. Memes are funny. But I’d rather end with this image. It’s of the recently renovated FOX news offices here in Washington, D.C. Almost all the people in that photo, see it right now, that’s at FOX here in Washington. Wearing masks. Apparently 90% of company employees have been vaccinated. Might even be higher than that now. The FOX slogan used to be “we report you decide.” Maybe it’s “we mandate, you comply.” Perhaps now it’s “your body, your choice.” Your body. Your choice. And just look at the choices that they made. I guess they don’t want to be replaced.

Well done, Jim. Well done.

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