Jim Jordan Flips Out Over Tiny Price Increase For Turkeys

Jim Jordan Flips Out Over Tiny Price Increase For Turkeys

I almost though this was a parody tweet by a sitting Congressman, but it’s not.

The lead in the report from Fox News that Gym Jordan tweets clearly states these price increases are due to COVID19.

But not for Jordan.

Your Thanksgiving turkey costs more than usual.

So will your Christmas tree.

Joe Biden’s America!

OMG, your family has been ruined because turkey prices rose by 10% since 2019, because of the pandemic.

Not that we like higher prices, but there’s this tiny thing called COVID that has killed 5 million people and shut down the world. So if your family paid $20 for a turkey in 2019, it now costs $22 in 2021.

Didn’t COVID devastate the world under Trump’s nose? But the repercussions to traitor Trump’s immoral leadership are suddenly President Biden’s.

Get ready people, your Christmas trees are next.

Even a child wouldn’t be dumb enough to tweet something like this.

When your grievance politics have run out of ridiculous things to ‘own the libs’ with, it’s time to turn to turkeys and Christmas trees.

You gave billionaires tax breaks at the expense of the middle class and you’re trying to claim that one party thinks they are better because of turkey dinner? He wants to tax them, you don’t – so please as you prop the economic elite spare us your fake outrage.

— Klein Blue Girl (@AllenAltcoin) November 29, 2021

Is that what’s important to you gym? The price of turkey or a tree?

When people mourn family member(s) at Christmas time because they died unnecessarily of covid, I hope they remember which party said it was no big deal.

— T. witter’s ucking me again. (@Blacksmitheart) November 25, 2021

Help yourself to an extra serving of “expensive” turkey today, Gym. That extra tryptophan might help calm you down when you receive that inevitable subpoena.
No turkey dinner photo today, but a Gerrymandered Duck will have to do! pic.twitter.com/L1tJXIxdn0

— John Prior (@JohnPri98969721) November 25, 2021

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