Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Lauren Boebert In Epic Fashion

Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Lauren Boebert In Epic Fashion

Jimmy Kimmel pulled an absolutely hilarious stunt wherein he had a member of his staff interview people on the street about Rep. Lauren Boebert and her videos. He opened by making the following 100% factual observation to his audience:

“Some of these videos she makes are so unbelievably over the top it’s hard to believe this person exists. They seem like sketches from ‘Saturday Night Live.’”

Then, he had a teammember talk to people on the street, and showing them Boebert’s videos, but telling them they were skits from Saturday Night Live. Then the interviewer asked whether “SNL had gone too far.” Suffice to day, the people absolutely thought the skits were too far, mocking, cruel, that no one would talk like that, etc.

When they were told that the videos they watched were NOT in fact SNL skits and were actually genuine Lauren Boebert videos, and the person they watched was an elected Congresswoman talking, their expressions changed from laughter to sheer horror.

That’s exactly how I feel. Hopefully she will not be reelected in 2022 and she can go back to running a restaurant that gives people food poisoning and the chance to get shot, while her husband flashes teenagers his tattooed wanker. You know, good old American family values.

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