Joe Concha's Anti-'Critical Race Theory' Performance Art

Joe Concha's Anti-'Critical Race Theory' Performance Art

The Tea Party 2.0 has attacked school board meetings all over the country due to right-wing conspiracy theories over Critical Race theory.

Republican activists pursue their fifteen minutes of Fox News fame by flipping out about CRT, so they can be featured on Murdoch’s cesspool.

On The Faulkner Focus, The Hill’s Joe Concha was livid that the Justice Department is getting involved in the recent violent threats against teachers and administrators, coming from the CRT lunatics.

There was never any evidence that CRT was being taught in any K-12 school in the country, but out of nowhere, it became one of the summer’s great wingnut culture wars.

“There is little to no evidence that critical race theory itself is being taught to K-12 public school students…”

Concha claimed that there hasn’t been one instance where a teacher was threatened enough to call in law enforcement.

Concha then ranted what he would do if his children were being taught through “a racial prism” as CRT does in school.

“They’re going to hear from me in a civilized but passionate manner and if the DOJ wants to arrest me go right ahead.”

No one is going to arrest you, Joe.

Concha’s faux fury is how he keeps his job as a Fox News “Contributor.”

It’s all a job application:

So the “inside scoop” is that Sean Hannity has long wanted Joe Concha to host Fox’s show about media, which is currently hosted by Howard Kurtz. Hannity is now making that extremely clear by saying about Concha, “I think he’d have a great TV show here on Fox on media.”

— Jeremy Barr (@jeremymbarr) October 6, 2021

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