Jordan Klepper Interviews Supporters Of Cali 'Wellness Culture'

Jordan Klepper Interviews Supporters Of Cali 'Wellness Culture'

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper interviews Californians about the anti-vax “wellness” movement, and if you thought QAnon was the only bunch of fruitcakes out there, you’re wrong. Via the Daily Beast:

There were some purely deranged people who believed that Bill Gates was using vaccinations to reduce the global population as well as a series of shoppers outside of Erewhon, the “bougiest health food market in Venice Beach,” who seemed to think they were too healthy to get sick from COVID.

“If you live a lifestyle of wellness,” one woman told him, “then your body should be able to handle COVID.”

“I’m not an ‘anti-vaxxer’ per se, I’m a staunch anti-mandate person,” another man said before refusing to reveal whether he had received the shot.

By the end of the piece, Klepper concluded that, “no matter what part of the anti-vax world they come from, there’s one comparison they just can’t resist making.” He then cut to an interview with a German woman in a Bob Marley T-shirt who said “history is repeating itself” with vaccine mandates.

“‘Where are your papers? Where are your papers?’ It’s very similar to the Hitler times,” she said.

“So, like, Jewish people are fleeing Poland because they can’t get into gyms?” Klepper asked her.

“That’s not funny,” the woman shot back. She was wrong.

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