Katie Porter Whiteboards Louis DeJoy's Failure At USPS

Katie Porter Whiteboards Louis DeJoy's Failure At USPS

Louis DeJoy was not at the congressional hearing where Representative Katie Porter graded his performance.

Lucky him.

Rep. Porter looked at USPS statistics for the past year or so and laid out a definite and dramatic decline in on-time deliveries.

Her whiteboard was her shield and sword once again. Her data showed that on-time mail delivery went from 92% on-time to 61% on-time during DeJoy’s tenure.

“I’m a professor, and I used to do a lot of grading,” said Porter. “And 92 is considered widely like an A-minus, 80 is considered hanging on, hanging on to the lowest possible B. 60 percent is at best a D-minus. The Postal Service delivers 48 percent of the world’s mail. It is an institution, it is a civic treasure. And we let it get all the way, what you found, is we let it get all the way down to that D-minus level.”

As Porter said on Twitter, “On-time mail delivery has plummeted under Postmaster Louis DeJoy—forcing veterans to wait longer for prescriptions, seniors to scramble to pay bills without their Social Security checks, and communities to feel less connected.”

I would love to get my medicines thru the mail pharmacy and save the money over the local pharmacy. However, I cannot trust the USPS to deliver them on time.

— Eric Mayle (@EricMayle3) November 16, 2021

I’ll tell you who’s a f**king civic treasure: Katie Porter. Please don’t stop fighting for us. DeJoy must go. I made it through the lockdowns, but only because I took my business online. Now I DEPEND on mail delivery. This is make it or break it for so many micro businesses…

— Ivanka’s Birken Bag 👜 (has left the building) (@gildingvintage) November 16, 2021

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