Kevin McCarthy Thinks Google Is Trying To 'Control' His Thoughts

Kevin McCarthy Thinks Google Is Trying To 'Control' His Thoughts

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested on Sunday that Google is trying to “control” his thoughts through its search platform.

McCarthy made the claim after Fox News host Maria Bartiromo accused Google of conspiring with the Biden administration.

“The DOJ has asked Google to send them the people who search for certain phrases,” Bartiromo explained. “And is Google participating in this? Tell me about that. This was very concerning when I understood what this was all about — that Google was actually going to provide phrases that we put in that search bar.”

“We know how Google tries to control our thoughts,” McCarthy agreed, “and what we can read on the basis that 90% of any search inside the internet goes through Google. But now, the Biden administration’s government is asking Google to tell them whoever searches certain phrases.”

“I just read about this this week,” he added. “This is a real concern.”

While it was not immediately clear which report McCarthy was referring to, Forbes reported last week that the Department of Justice had asked Google to provide data on anyone who searched for the name or address of a sexual assault victim.

But the report found no evidence that Google is using mind control.

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