Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Tears Into Loony Lin Wood

Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Tears Into Loony Lin Wood

Last week, Kyle Rittenhouse sat down for an interview with Ashleigh Banfield. Besides trying to disavow himself from the Proud Boys, he trash talked about his first lawyer, Lin Wood:

After griping that Wood was trying to use him for his own agenda and that Wood let Rittenhouse rot in jail for 87 days because Wood had already grabbed the cash he had raised, purportedly for Rittenhouse’s legal defense and bail money, Rittenhouse really went after Wood, calling him crazy:

Rittenhouse: Shortly before I fired, before my mom fired Lin Wood, in, I want to say, December.

Banfield: But why would she fire him? Did she fire him because she found out that the money was in the pot but wasn’t being put towards bail?

Rittenhouse: We fired him because he was, like, going on with all this QAnon and election fraud stuff, and just stuff we don’t agree with.

Banfield: And so it was his political views that led to you firing Lin Wood?

Rittenhouse: A mixture of a little bit of that.

Banfield: And what else was in the mix?

Rittenhouse: Just how he is as a person.

Banfield: And what does that mean?

Rittenhouse: He’s insane.

Banfield: What made you think he was insane?

Rittenhouse: Just how he, like how he thinks he’s God, and he just says all these weird things like: “We’re going to keep that boy in jail, because there’s not going to be any… civil or criminal cases come the election,” which is just complete insanity.

Rittenhouse said he wants the money raised for bail so that he can pay his subsequent legal team after firing Wood. Wood is playing games with him, saying that money was raised as a charity but that he would “consider” using some of it for Rittenhouse’s legal expenses. Wood then ran to hide on Telegram and take potshots at Rittenhouse.

This fight over whatever’s left of the bail money has gotten QAnon divided into two groups. One group is pissed at Rittenhouse for trashing QAnon during the interview, leaving them feel betrayed. But then again, it wouldn’t be QAnon if they weren’t having a hissy fit over some perceived attack.

However the other side of the coin is there are others in QAnon pissed at Wood, either to stand with Killer Kyle, or just because they don’t like Wood or in cases like Marge Taylor, they are jealous of Wood’s lunacy and his ability to monetize it.

I suppose it’s too much to hope for for both sides of this crazy family feud to simply obliterate the other?

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