Kilmeade's Christmas Story Is As Bonkers As You'd Expect

Kilmeade's Christmas Story Is As Bonkers As You'd Expect

It’s been well documented that right wingers use selective reading skills with not only the Constitution but with the Bible. They remember the parts that they like and discard the inconvenient parts.

But Brian Kilmeade took it one step further by completely changing the Bible story about the birth of Jesus Christ.

It started out with him praising Mary and Joseph for finding the manger so that the animals could heat the baby Jesus with their breath:

“I know we had this conversation before, but were the animals used, were their breaths used to heat Jesus?” Kilmeade wondered. “Remember the animals would go around because it was so cold in Bethlehem. I get them confused. It was so cold at that time, the animals breathed on him to keep him warm.”

It was Steve Doocy – of all people – who had to remind Kilmeade that the original Bible story was that they were in the manger because there was no room at the inn. I’m not surprised no one saw the correlation between that and the way that immigrants were treated in the Turd Reich.

Kilmeade agreed and added that the inn was full because of people traveling for the holiday season.

Again, Doocy – of all people – had to point out that there was no holiday yet since Jesus hadn’t been born yet.

The conversation quickly escalated from the ridiculous to the sublime:

“That’s true,” Kilmeade agreed after a moment of thought. “But there was a lot of people shopping.”

“For a hotel,” Doocy replied.

“Because it’s a future holiday,” Kilmeade concluded.

Kilmeade ended his little Christmas story with a gripe at the Little Drummer Boy, apparently believing that too was in the Bible.

But as is often the case with these fractured fairy tales, there could have very well been a lot of people traveling at the time and they could have been rather festive, since it was time to celebrate Yule or Winter Solstice if you will. Historians believe that Christmas wasn’t celebrated until several generations later after the Catholic church assimilated Yule and converted it to Christmas.

There is no way that Kilmeade or anyone else at Fox would admit to it because, just like science, history is also full of inconvenient facts.

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