Lara Trump Claims Turkey Prices Evil Liberal Plot To Destroy Thanksgiving

Lara Trump Claims Turkey Prices Evil Liberal Plot To Destroy Thanksgiving

This stupidity is what passes for political commentary on Fox “news.” Here’s Trump daughter-in-law, wife of Eric Trump, Lara Trump on Wednesday’s Hannity, claiming that Democrats are somehow responsible for the inflation we’ve seen (which is largely due to the pandemic, labor shortages and supply chain issues) and promoting the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Democrats really just want to ruin everyone’s holidays.

Lara Trump, the Fox News contributor and wife of Eric Trump, has bizarrely claimed that the rising cost of the Thanksgiving turkey is part of a liberal plot to “chip away” at American traditions.

During a discussion on Fox News about inflation and its impact on Thanksgiving-related purchases, the former president’s daughter-in law claimed leftwing Americans “want to fundamentally transform America” and were using the humble Thanksgiving turkey as a vehicle for their nefarious plot.

“Well, how do you that? You have to change America from the inside-out. You have to take away our traditions. So it might seem a little funny and a little ridiculous. ‘Oh, don’t have a turkey, then people won’t come over.’” […]

“It all goes to fundamentally transforming this country, and the way you do that is you make sure that we have no commonality whatsoever, no traditions as Americans whatsoever,” she said. “You start chipping away at that, and they don’t care that Thanksgiving costs a lot more.”

A battle over turkey inflation has been brewing for weeks, with conservatives accusing liberals of attempting to quash holidays, including Halloween, as part of an effort “to divide Americans up”.

“They don’t want us to have any common ground. They don’t want us to have any shared traditions like Thanksgiving. A lot of places last month actually did away with Halloween because they wanted to be inclusive of the people that didn’t celebrate Halloween,” Trump added.

There’s one group trying their best to divide Americans, and it’s not liberals. It’s what passes for “conservatives” these days, although there’s nothing “conservative” about the right-wing extremism we’re seeing completely take over the Republican party and their propaganda networks like Fox, Newsmax and OANN.

We’ve just had jobless claims fall to their lowest level since 1969 and record economic growth, but you’d never know it watching Fox. It’s all doom and gloom over there and constant attack mode on the Biden administration.

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