Lindell Despairs On Live TV Over His Election Lawsuit Flop

Lindell Despairs On Live TV Over His Election Lawsuit Flop

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell expressed despair over the weekend after his proposed election lawsuit failed to get the support of a single state attorney general.

During his 96-hour “Thanks-A-Thon” broadcast on Sunday, Lindell admitted that he was “frustrated” after he had lashed out at a Christian radio network just one day earlier.

“You know how many people have worked hard giving up everything they had because they know this country is gone,” Lindell opined. “I was angry, it came out wrong — probably came out wrong — angry and I’m frustrated. I’ve had it.”

“It’s like we’ve worked so hard here,” he continued, “working so hard to get to something that should have been so simple. Open up the [voting] machines. Of course, every state was illegal.”

Lindell then held up a copy of the lawsuit for his would-be “Supreme Court case.”

“Here’s what’s frustrating,” he said. “We’ve worked hard on this and they’re making a mockery out of it right now on Facebook and stuff, the media over here, the attack media. So where’s our media? Where’s our media?”

“Oh, Mike doesn’t have an attorney general yet!” Lindell said in a mocking tone. “They wanted some more time because they were helping our country and helping those kids so they didn’t have to get [Covid-19] shots.”

Lindell had previously claimed that multiple state attorneys general would file the lawsuit with the Supreme Court by Nov. 23.

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