Lunatic Antivax State Senator Now Begs For Advanced COVID Treatment

Lunatic Antivax State Senator Now Begs For Advanced COVID Treatment

In a perverse sort of way, you’ve got to admire (if that’s the right word) the sheer chutzpah of some of these anti-vaxxer clowns. This one “spends almost every FB [Facebook] post either railing against the science of climate change or against vaccine mandates. He doesn’t seem to care about much else.” Yet because he now has COVID himself (and is almost certainly unvaccinated) and is in a foreign country without access to advanced medicines he wants the taxpayers of Washington state to fork over for an expensive treatment to better ensure that he doesn’t get sicker and/or die.

Source: Bellingham Herald

State Sen. Doug Ericksen of Ferndale, Whatcom County’s only Republican in the state Legislature, is suffering from COVID-19 in El Salvador and unable to receive advanced treatment.

Ericksen’s spokesman Erik Smith told The Bellingham Herald that the senator has reached out to legislative colleagues for advice on how to receive monoclonal antibodies, which are unavailable in that Latin American nation.

“I took a trip to El Salvador and tested positive for COVID shortly after I arrived,” Ericksen said in a message to members of the state House and Senate.

In his message to legislators, Ericksen said his condition was “to the point that I feel it would be beneficial for me to receive an IV of monoclonal antibodies (Regeneron). I have a doctor here who can administer the IV, but the product is not available here.” has a collection of some of his Facebook posts railing against vaccines. As one might expect, they’re asinine and juvenile.

Here’s one from August that mixes the COVID response and climate change as a plot to destroy capitalism.

And another recent one where he’s still upset that Washington State fired their football coach and his staff because they refused to get vaccinated, as all state employees are mandated to do in Washington.

Republican Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen, who has been fighting vaccine mandates, is stranded in El Salvador with COVID, and cannot get home.

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) November 13, 2021

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