Madison Cawthorn Defiles FDR's Wheelchair

Madison Cawthorn Defiles FDR's Wheelchair

Ron Filipkowski nabbed video of right-wing Republican troll Madison Cawthorn daring to sit in and wheel around in FDR’s wheelchair.

Considered by many historians as the greatest president of all time, FDR’s New Deal, the first real progressive legislation enacted, helped transform a broken and battered United States after the Great Depression.

While this dunce flies around the country abdicating his duties, prompting his hometown newspaper to write, “The first-term, District 11 U.S. House member has been an embarrassment to the institution, to his party, and to his state.”

One man brought us out of the 1929 Depression and helped win World War II. while the fool named Cawthorn spends his time in Congress trolling Dr. Seuss and supporting treasonous insurrectionists.

I am in horror watching him say, “I am in Franklin Roosevelt’s wheelchair. Oh, my gosh.”

As he tries to pop wheelies I am revolted.

Get off that f**king chair, Madison.

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