MAGA 'Tourist' Brought Loaded Gun On January 6

MAGA 'Tourist' Brought Loaded Gun On January 6

Turns out there was at least one gun among the January 6 insurrectionists. Politico has counted around half a dozen so far.

Indiana resident Mark Massa was carrying a gun known as “The Judge,” which Politico points out “is capable of firing shotgun shells — two of which were in the chamber, along with three hollow-point bullets.”

Massa also filed a false police report on January 8 claiming his gun was stolen. It had been confiscated by Capitol Police at the January 6 riot after it fell out of Massa’s belt during a violent encounter with an officer.

Mark Massa was arrested in March, and at the time of his arrest noted that he’d hoped to encounter “Nancy” at the riot. He TOLD ARRESTING OFFICERS that he thought he “and Nan would hit it off” and if he had met her, the police would be arresting him for “another reason.”

He also told police he wanted to be taken into federal custody: “I just want three squares and a nice clean room. Someone takes care of my healthcare and we’re good.”

👀 Yet another Jan. 6 defendant charged with carrying a loaded firearm on Capitol grounds. This one told police, when they arrived at his house, that he “never did get to talk to Nancy” and that if he did” you’d be here for another reason.

— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) November 22, 2021

This is not working out well for Congressional Republicans. This was their first attempt to change the narrative of January 6th, “It wasn’t an ARMED insurrection!”
It appears it was @RonJohnsonWI More than this one too.

— jeanne fisher17 (@jeannefisher17) November 22, 2021

@Don_Zeko is it a good defense strategy to let the cops know during the arrest that you regret not committing a much worse crime than the one you’re indicted for?

— War on Christmas Veteran (@bdragon74) November 22, 2021

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