MAGA World Turns On Trump

MAGA World Turns On Trump

It seems anti-vaxxer MAGA girl isn’t the only one upset with Trump and Bill O’Reilly after both admitted during a lightly attended event in Dallas that they’d received their COVID booster shots.

Conspiracy theorist and January 6th insurrectionist Alex Jones suggested during his InfoWars show this Thursday that someone is blackmailing Trump:

Donald Trump is “destroying himself” and “committing political suicide” by endorsing COVID-19 vaccines and not doing enough to help jailed Capitol insurrectionists, according to MAGA conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

During his InfoWars show on Thursday, Jones interviewed Alison Steinberg, a former Trump supporter who recently posted a viral video slamming the former president over his vaccine stance.

Steinberg told Jones Trump is “backing Big Pharma” and “wanting all this credit for something that we know is evil and is a bioweapon.” “I think more people need to wake up to the fact that he is not actually on our side anymore,” she said.

Trump-loving anti-vaxxer cartoonist Ben Garrison may have finally turned on Trump if his latest is any indication:

And all-around horrible human being Candace Owens got into a Twitter spat over Trump’s pro-vaccine comments with Meghan McCain, who mocked Owens for her recent interview with Trump, where he also defended the effectiveness of vaccines (although he was still lamely hedging on whether they ought to be mandated).

Owens took to Twitter in an attempt to do damage control over her comments, but that didn’t go so well either.

Candace Owens is doing damage control after “so many donors and supporters” are upset over Trump’s vaccine comments. She says he is old, isn’t tech savvy, doesn’t keep up with or read obscure internet conspiracies, and only follows the main stream media so doesn’t have the facts.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 24, 2021

I would have never thought something as benign as saying he got a booster shot would cause so many of Trump’s fiercest supporters to finally turn on him. Maybe they see the Justice Department, the January 6th Committee and New York among others finally coming for him and they’re doing damage control ahead of time. Or maybe they’re all just as nuts as they appear to be to the rest of us.

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