Maine Lawmaker (And  Unrepentant Anti-Vaxxer) Resigns After Wife Dies Of Covid-19

Maine Lawmaker (And Unrepentant Anti-Vaxxer) Resigns After Wife Dies Of Covid-19

Seems that Johansen can’t do legislating and tend to his animals now that the missus (also a staunch anti-vaxxer) up and died from COVID. Cindy Johansen died on August 10 as they both landed in the hospital, unvaxxed and unrepentant. He came home, she didn’t.

Now that’s she’s dead and buried though it’s time to think of the important things in life. His horses.

Source: The Independent

A state legislator in Maine who aggressively fought mask and vaccine mandates has resigned just months after his wife died of Covid-19.

Rep Chris Johansen, a Republican who represented parts of Aroostook County, had vigorously protested pandemic precautions in his state, and was one of seven lawmakers who refused to wear masks in the Maine House of Representatives, causing a confrontation with police. Mr Johansen and his wife, Cindy Johansen, also posted numerous messages on Facebook casting doubt about the pandemic and vaccines.

In July, they both contracted the virus. Ms Johansen later died of Covid-19.

On 19 November, Mr Johansen wrote a letter to House Speaker Ryan Fecteau stating his intent to step down. According to the lawmaker, his wife had taken care of their farm, giving him time to serve his district in the House. Now that she was gone, he could not do both.

Interestingly, Johansen spends more time in his resignation letter railing against mask and vaccine requirements, casting them as examples of government overreach. He also spends an inordinate amount of time attacking Maine’s Democratic Governor, Janet Mills. And doesn’t even bother to mention that he and his wife contracted COVID or that his wife died from COVID-19.

Republican Rep. Chris Johansen, of Monticello, was one of seven lawmakers who was stripped of committee assignments for refusing to wear masks in the State House after leaders required them.

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