Man Dies After Attending Italian 'COVID Party'

Man Dies After Attending Italian 'COVID Party'

This sort of takes anti-vaxxer stupidity to another level, knowingly infecting yourself rather than getting immunized with the vaccine. People go to the ‘party’ and share drinks, kiss, mingle, with others who are unvaccinated or even already have the virus. At least three other people have ended up in the hospital, including one child, with two of them in intensive care.

Source: Metro

One person has died and several others are in hospital after attending a slew of ‘Covid parties’ thrown to expose people to the virus.

A 55-year-old man died in Austria last week after being infected at a gathering in South Tyrol, northern Italy.

Health officials believe he was an anxi-vaxxer who wanted to catch Covid-19 in order to gain a ‘green pass’ – which are accepted as proof of immunity in Italy.

These passes are now required for Italians to work, use long distance trains, travel on planes, or visit public places such as museums, restaurants and cinemas.

Naturally, Italian doctors are not happy with this.

Patrick Franzoni, co-ordinator of the anti Covid unit in the province’s capital Bolzano, told Italian newspaper Il Dolomiti what was happening, prompting an investigation.

Spreading coronavirus deliberately is a crime under emergency laws passed in Italy which currently run until at least December 31.

Dr Franzoni said: ‘We have received more than one account from doctors of patients who admitted to having been infected on purpose.

‘[They do this] to develop antibodies, and to obtain the green pass without vaccination,’ he added.

So delusional are some that even after they’re infected they don’t think they have COVID. via The Daily Beast

The number of cases along Italy’s northern border has tripled in the last month and the booster campaign has so far been limited to people over age 80 and those with compromised health. It is set to open to people 40 and over on Dec. 1.

One partygoer who ended up in the hospital told the Veneto Corriere newspaper that he regretted it, but still isn’t sure he believes he had COVID. “It was a serious mistake,” he told the paper, adding that he feels sure he only had pneumonia and that the doctors told him it was COVID to make him change his mind. “It’s only propaganda.”

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