MANHUNT OVER: Crumbley Parents Arraigned, Cash Bond Set At $500K Each

MANHUNT OVER: Crumbley Parents Arraigned, Cash Bond Set At $500K Each

Look how the cookie Crumbleys. Oxford, MI school shooter’s parents (and nominees for MAGA parents of the year,) James and Jennifer Crumbley, were finally apprehended after sparking a manhunt for failing to show up for their Friday arraignment. Both were charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter, the first time parents are facing serious prison time for facilitating and setting in motion a mass murder at their son’s school, having bought him the gun used four days earlier.

This could be a precedent-setting case, so keep a close eye on it. The Oakland County Prosecutor, Karen McDonald, is trailblazing in this area and I commend her for holding the parents accountable. If parents cannot keep their guns locked up, and their children get a hold of them, and use those guns to kill other people, the gun owners need to be held to account. Involuntary manslaughter seems to be the right charge. It is a serious charge, while not rising to the level of murder or killing with intent or malice. Rather, it can be described legally as criminal negligence, gross negligence, and culpable negligence that results in the death of another.

Here is a clip of the bond hearing that occurred Saturday morning:

PROSECUTOR MCDONALD: I just want to point out, nobody needs permission — these defendants did not need my permission and they didn’t need law enforcement permission to go to the Court and turn themselves in, go to the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department and turn themselves in. I agree Mrs. Smith was perhaps in trial, she had a break from 11:45 to 2:45, and I can’t imagine why they were surprised the whole country knew these charges were coming. Lastly, to suggest that anyone is somehow using this incident to create press. There’s a lot of attention here because four children were murdered and seven others were injured. And that is on the mind of every single person in this country. So I would ask that you impose the $500,000 cash surety on each of the defendants, your Honor.

JUDGE: Thank you. So in terms of the Court is required to comply with MCR 1.016. The purpose of bond is to ensure that the defendants appear in Court for all necessary Court appearances as well as to take into consideration any risk to public safety. The charges are very, very serious, no question about that. There’s — the Court does have some concern about the flight risk along with the public safety given the circumstances that occurred yesterday and the fact that the defendants did have to be apprehended in order to appear for purposes of arraignment. The Court did indicate yesterday it would conduct an arraignment at 4:00 p.m. The bond for Jennifer Crumbley at $500,000 cash surety, no 10%. In the event that Jennifer Crumbley is able to post that, the following conditions will be in place. The defendant has is not to use or test positive for marijuana or any controlled substances. Mrs. Crumbley is not to possess or have firearms or dangerous weapons. Shall not have any assaultive behavior toward anyone. Must provide a release address to pretrial services. The defendant within 24 hours of release from the Oakland County jail must submit to and pay for ETG or urinal analysis. That would be at the direction of PTS.

The defendant Ms. Crumbley is to verify any employment status, and verify that in writing upon release from the Oakland County jail. In the event that the defendant is able to post bond the Court is going to require she have a GPS tether. The GPS tether must be installed upon release from the Oakland County jail. She may be — the GPS tether will have the allowances that she could go to work, attend Court hearings, medical appointments, and attorney meetings. She must provide work schedule, medical appointments, and any meetings to PTS in advance. Again, that must be installed at the jail before she leaves the jail.
[…same conditions for James Crumbley…]

DEFENSE: Your honor, we have no questions. But I want to state on the record, I was not able to watch the entire press release and what the — I had no idea there was a 4:00 arraignment, Ms. Layman didn’t know either. The media had so many reports of random times quite frankly we didn’t believe those — we’re not going to get into — I wanted to apologize to the Court because we weren’t aware. We faxed over appearances and no one told us we’re going to do this at 4:00. We sent appearances late in the day. I apologize to the Court because we don’t miss dates. So thank you.

JUDGE: Thank you. Finally as it relates to bond, the — in the event that the defendants do post bond I am requiring that they turn over any and all weapons to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. That must occur. Within — realistically, I’m not sure what they have in their possession or where they’re going to be released to if they post bond but I’m going to require they turn over all weapons upon release from the Oakland County jail.

To summarize, the lawyers are liars (expected) and the parents each have to come up with the full $500k bond – not the standard 10% bond through a bail bondsman or a partial bond, but a FULL CASH BOND of $500k. Do these people look like they have a million dollars lying around? Will GoFundMe let them raise it? I don’t think so.

They also have to turn in ALL weapons and guns, and wear ankle monitors to keep track of their whereabouts. They are subject to the standard release conditions: no drugs or alcohol, no criming, no fleeing, checking in with pre-trial services, notifying them of work/school/dr schedules.

These MAGA-loving parents clearly think they are above the law and their judgment is seriously lacking. I do not think they will be able to comply with the release conditions for more than a week, but we shall see.

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