Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges People To Sue Their MDs For Ivermectin

Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges People To Sue Their MDs For Ivermectin

QAnon conspiracist, anti-vaxxer and anti-masker Marge Taylor Greene now thinks she’s not only a doctor but an attorney at law as well.

She went on a seven part rant on the Bird App to spread her misinformation. From Raw Story:

She then wrote, “With Africa’s amazingly low death rate from Covid, combined with the lowest vaccine rate in the world & very little masking, the ‘civilized’ leaders of the world should immediately stop their tyrannical forced shutdowns, vaccine mandates, & absurd masking policies. If you had a loved one die from Covid, and they were not allowed to take Ivermectin or monoclonal antibodies, you might have a wrongful death suit in your hands.”

“With all that is know about #Covid and all the covid studies and the known miracle of low deaths in Africa with very little vaccinations, it’s no wonder the Tyrants announce a new #covidvariant from Africa and apply travel restrictions. They control you with irrational fear,” she later accused.

However, in the article that Marge cites as her proof, they never even mention Ivermectin. Instead, they credit things that Marge hates, like responding quickly and closing borders at first sign of the virus:

Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, said African leaders haven’t gotten the credit they deserve for acting quickly, citing Mali’s decision to close its borders before COVID-19 even arrived.

“I think there’s a different cultural approach in Africa, where these countries have approached COVID with a sense of humility because they’ve experienced things like Ebola, polio and malaria,” Sridhar said.

The article goes on to say that African scientists and doctors are still urging and hoping to get more doses of the vaccine, with a goal of vaccinating at least half of the people.

Another thing that people should be aware of is that if they are gullible enough to follow her absurd advice, and they suffer the inevitable consequences, that could open Margie up to both criminal and civil lawsuits. What a delicious bit of irony that is!

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