Mark Levin Flat-Out Admits White Nationalism Is His Jam

Mark Levin Flat-Out Admits White Nationalism Is His Jam

Since Biden was elected (yes, he won), Mark Levin has ramped up his open declarations of positive feelings for white nationalism. Stoking the race war is his jam.

The latest? Praising “us racists” for being farmers.

As if Mark Levin has ever farmed in his life. h/t Media Matters

MARK LEVIN: We have two sets of rules, one for illegal aliens who come into this country, and we don’t know about them, and two, the rest of us law abiding American citizens who follow the laws and pay our taxes.

That’s right. We’re the ones, you know, the “racists,” as the media call us. All the racists out there, we’re the ones that make the country work. We’re the ones that provide the food and harvest it.

We’re the ones who truck it across the country. We’re the ones who put it on the shelves to feed their fat faces. That’s correct.

Have you ever seen a so-called journalist who’s skinny? Have you, Mr. Producer? Now, almost every damn one of them is overweight, look at them with their double chins.

Media Matters also offers us a glance at what Mark Levin has been up to recently. He’s clearly pushing white rage for book sales and listeners. How many of your followers own guns, Mark? You’re definitely yelling fire in a crowded political theater.


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