Mark Meadows Called National Guard To Protect 'Pro-Trump People'

Mark Meadows Called National Guard To Protect 'Pro-Trump People'

The Select House Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection released a 51-page document on Sunday laying out the reasons for their impending vote on a criminal contempt charge for Mark Meadows.

The documents are very incriminating, to say the least.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell explained that in the documents we find Meadows sent an email out on January 5th, saying the “National Guard would be present to protect pro-Trump people” in the lead-up to the attack.

Meadows also provided the Coup PowerPoint presentation which showed how many different ways Trump was trying to subvert the will of the people and overthrow the election.

Any one of these crazy provisions would have been fine with Traitor Trump.

I’ve never seen anything like this before. A clear treasonous document in my opinion.

In our clip, I added a portion of CNN’s John King, who played video of Philip Waldron, a retired colonel and conspiracy theorist who promoted election fraud conspiracy theories and admitted he met with Meadows eight times!

After the clip ended, King said, “It’s lunacy. it’s lunacy.”

In Salon Digby writes, “Jan. 6 PowerPoint reveals many more Republicans were in on Trump’s coup plot.”

The PowerPoint also features some of the looniest conspiracy theories hatched in the wake of the election. One slide states that a “key Issue” is that “critical infrastructure control was utilized as part of ongoing globalist/socialist operation to subvert the will of United States Voters and install a China ally leading to another one advising the president to say the Chinese government interfered in the election as a pretext to declaring all the electronic votes invalid.

These documents alone are enough evidence that shows how Trump, his Chief of Staff and many others were engaged in a serious attempt to overthrow the will of the American people and the free and fair elections of Joe Biden in 2020.

Greg Sargent writes this for the Washington Post: Mark Meadows’s coverup of Trump’s coup attempt is falling apart.

Here is the coup document in its entirety. It’s shocking, and more shocking that the National Guard were planned to protect the insurrectionists and not Congress!

Trump – Meadows Coup Document by Karoli on Scribd

Bonus link: Aaron Rupar read the whole thing

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