Michael Savage Waves His Guns For Rittenhouse

Michael Savage Waves His Guns For Rittenhouse

Grant (Stench) Stinchfield, one of the more loopy Newsmax hosts, interviewed the odious Michael Savage and by the end of their segment, Savage was waving around guns.

Discussing the Rittenhouse trial and wacko Judge Schroeder (beloved by Republicans because he’s acting as another lawyer for Kyle)Savage brandished two antique pistols, intimating guns are the ultimate solutions for Republicans moving forward in the country.

SAVAGE: I’m not finished yet, I have a prop for you —

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Oh, let me see the prop.

SAVAGE: I have a solution to the problem. These are dueling pistols from 1865 from my antique gun collection. And it may come down to the fact — do I have to finish the sentence? I don’t think so. But, you get the picture. Because sometimes, it doesn’t matter what the truth is at all, Grant. All the matters is — right?

Stinchfield made believe Savage wasn’t promoting violence against “the left,” but they both were.

Rittenhouse came from out of state and shot three people and killed two with an illegal AR-15. Trumpeting him as a hero will cause more shootings and deaths by radicalized individuals.

Even though Savage was holding antique weapons, his message is clear.

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