Mike 'My Pillow' Lindell Decides It's Time To Bring Up Hitler

Mike 'My Pillow' Lindell Decides It's Time To Bring Up Hitler

Mike Lindell went on Steve Bannon’s podcast to piss and moan because the media, not even Faux News, is covering the lawsuit he wants to take to SCOTUS on the day before Thanksgiving. Lindell apparently wants us to forget all his other predictions about the election being overturned, because this time it’s for real or something like that.

But then Lindell goes absolutely bonkers, saying that the media is not covering his rants because it’s Nazi style propaganda:

He then went on a long rant about how all media organizations, including Fox News, were not covering his purported Supreme Court lawsuit as part of a plot to fool the American people into believing that Trump will not be reinstated as president.

“It’s propaganda — Hitler did it!” he said. “Goebbels was the best at it back in Nazi Germany! It’s brainwashing! That’s what it is! You brainwash and then you pit people against each other!”

Lindell concluded his rant by reassuring viewers that “we are very blessed because we have all the evidence!”

Lindell also claims that some Democratic Attorneys General have also signed on to his lawsuit, but refused to name them. Most likely because they don’t exist except in his swamp-fevered brain.

And Britney Spears was stuck in a conservatorship. Someone needs to stage an intervention for this idiot.

— Dave Maro (@Salazar9431) November 17, 2021

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