MSNBC Host Reads Stephanie Grisham For Filth That She Is

MSNBC Host Reads Stephanie Grisham For Filth That She Is

In case you missed it, former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has, after years of loyalty to Donald and Melania Trump, turned on them, and is making some bucks doing it.

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross ripped Grisham for all the right reasons. Even the book’s title, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” is “kind of a slap in the face,” Cross pointed out, given that Grisham worked for a White House that referred to the press as an enemy of the people, and she never held a single press briefing while she held the job as press secretary.

But that’s only the beginning.

First, Cross reminded us that Grisham started “guzzling down all that MAGA Kool-Aid” in 2015. She stuck with Trump’s racism, misogyny, xenophobia, white supremacy, the Access Hollywood tape, the family separations policy that tore young children away from their parents, the family grift, and the erosion of our democracy for years. “We remember, and have the receipts,” Cross said, as she showed a Grisham tweet calling Trump a “genius” and “our great president” from October 2019.

Yet some members of the press are still willing to give Grisham free book promotions and interviews now that she has conveniently changed her mind about Trump and his third baby mama, Melania.

The rest of Grisham’s record is littered with red flags about her lack of scruples, too. Cross explained how Grisham failed up with the kind of resumé that would surely doom any person of color from getting a good job anywhere, much less in the top echelons of the White House.

CROSS: Grisham has two traffic arrests, including pleading guilty to a DUI and she lost two previous jobs amid alleged charges of plagiarism and cheating on expenses. That’s right, she was embroiled in scandal and arrested twice – and still landed a high-profile position in the White House. Yet, Black and brown people are still subjected to a very punishing criminal justice system and those among us who have records can’t get a job anywhere while the privileged and incompetent get to laugh at our tears all the way to the bank.

Omarosa is cut from the same cloth. She was “all too willing to shame the ancestors in favor of a white supremacist,” Cross continued. Omarosa went from “Trump foe to friend to fan to outright fool” but “it paid off for her as well,” Cross noted. The “White House aide turned relic of yesteryear,” with her own tell-all book, just won an arbitration ruling that her non-disclosure agreement with Trump is unenforceable. “I hope it was worth it,” Cross added.

“So, if you are looking for something to read at home, there are a host of thought-provoking books far more deserving over gossip wags parading as literature,” Cross concluded. “I hope you choose wisely.”

But if you just have to know what either of these double-dealing opportunists have to say, get their books from the library, where you can support the kind of institution the two would have happily helped to destroy — but without putting one extra penny into either of their pockets.

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