New Dem Ad Blasts Fox Text Message Hypocrisy

New Dem Ad Blasts Fox Text Message Hypocrisy

Meidas Touch put out a devastating new video in response to the traitorous personalities at Fox having a mini-meltdown over their text messages from January 6th being made public. Let’s say MT isn’t giving them a lot of grace. In fact, it their tweet introducing the new ad, they make a pretty dark assumption about what’s behind the Fox hypocrisy being highlighted.

It sure does seem to be a powerful motivator, as you witness the following:

Tucker Carlson whining about power-hungry politicians (like Liz Cheney) having access to personal text messages. Cut to black and white footage of Tucker salaciously previewing that “now, mysteriously, and thankfully, we have” the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. “Here’s what they say.”

Sean Hannity fake-pouting, wondering where the outrage in the media is over his private text messages being released publicly. Cut to black and white footage of Hannity previewing “brand new text messages” between the very same Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, showing them on screen and reading them aloud to his audience of millions.

Tucker Carlson whining about privacy being “morally essential.” Cut to black and white footage of Tomato Lament fauxtraged about Hillary Clinton using a private email on a private server, insisting it meant “your privacy rights are out the window.”

“Privacy is a pre-requisite for freedom. You can’t have liberty without privacy.” declares Carlson from his high horse.

You get the idea. It’s a whole lot of “Privacy for me, but not for thee.” And certainly “Privacy for me if I’ve committed a crime, or at least enabled a fascist wannabe to attempt a coup, but not for thee if you’re a Democrat, or non-partisan trying to hold Republicans accountable.”

Pretty sure Hillary Clinton herself said it best.

Especially since his emails were about plotting a coup d’etat, while ours were about gefilte fish.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) December 16, 2021

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