New Study: Trump Single Largest Purveyor Of COVID Misinformation

New Study: Trump Single Largest Purveyor Of COVID Misinformation

A new study by researchers at Cornell University analyzed 38 million articles from around the world in English-language media and concluded that Trump made up almost 38% of overall misinformation on COVID-19.

The New York Times and the non-partisan study reports that this makes Donald Trump the largest driver of the “infodemic.”

Outside of the cult, no one would be surprised by these results.

First, Trump decided to lie about the virus when it first cropped up.
Then made believe it was just like the a garden variety flu.
Then claimed he had it contained by stopping flights coming in from China.
Then he said it would just go away.

This all took place before he was forced on March 11, 2020 to declare the US was in a pandemic.

Trump’s actions after this continued to be immoral, despicable, and quite possibly criminal.

Sarah Evanega, Director of the Cornell Alliance for Science, and the study’s lead author, is surprised that Trump cropped up so much, but we political observers like ourselves are not.

Outside of a few other conspiracy theories, (one of which was repeated back to me) was that the Deep State (or in this case, the Democrats,) released the virus to undermined Donald Trump’s presidency.

There were so many conspiracies theories and lies being promoted by QAnon, the Trump administration, and right-wing media it was hard to keep up.

But the report says it’s the snake oil and miracle cures that Trump proposed during his insane COVID task force pressers — like hydroxychloroquine, bleach, and UV lights — that spread like wildfire.

The report also mentions Tucker Carlson’s favorite scapegoat, used to cover up for Trump’s f**ked up handling of the virus, Dr. Anthony Fauci. There were a few conspiracies about him, including the accusation that he was exaggerating the number of people who died from the virus.

Since Trump was booted out of the Oval Office he refuses to tell his supporters to get vaccinated with any authority or purpose. He’ll mention it once in a while, but then attack the Biden administration, claiming Biden is the reason the antivax crowd won’t get the shot.

Read the report. It should be shocking, and at the same time, not, to all who read it.

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